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I really enjoy testing out new products and introducing them to my followers in my everyday cooking. If you believe that my audience will resonate well with your brand, I would love to showcase it in my blog and across my social media channels. 

Reach out to discuss your thoughts on collaboration, your products, differentiating features and how we can create a win-win situation! 

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My Passion

Food influencers on Instagram are often the first ones people think of when the field comes up in conversation. And there are historical reasons for that. Food influencers as a concept have long been synonymous with the highly visual, stylised, and heavily produced format of Instagram photography. The first bite is, after all, with the eyes, and the instinctive excitement of great-looking food is something that can be easily communicated in just a two-second glance at a well-shot image.

As an Instagram food influencer, I'm a full-time food blogger and business owner. I am the blogger behind @sallycooksart on Instagram with more that 100K followers, high engagement rate & impressions. 

My passion is creating food recipes and table presentation, I love combining them together to create beautiful edible masterpieces. This is where I get my name from Sally-Cooks-Art!

sally cooks art table presentation

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