About me..


Welcome to my home.  My name is Sally. I’m an artist, a cook, a blogger and last but by far not least I’m a mother of five amazing children. I was born and raised in Kuwait, and now I live in Amman, Jordan with my family.

Coffee is my number one addiction and it is one I am not willing to give up just yet. I love books and reading. My idea of a lay back Friday or some "Me" time is a cozy chair, a good book and a cup of coffee or maybe a bowl of a fresh healthy salad.   

Growing up I loved Art. Art in artwork.. art in fashion.. art in home design.. my life revolved around Art. Until I became a mother. Art had to step down and give way to anything but. That is when I found my passion in food. Food Art. As my kids grew up I started playing around with my mothers’ recipes, my grandmothers’ and tried out new recipes. Soon I had a cook book worth of recipes… in the hope of publishing my own book someday.

I started Sally cooks ART because I want to share my recipes with you. Ones that I’ve tried and tested many times and worked on making them accessible to everyone. My motto is easy steps, simple fresh ingredients, loud flavors. Nobody wants plain food, and no one has the time for long recipes requiring lots of planning.

A large part of my heritage is Palestinian -all time favorite- recipes. These I hold dearly in my heart. Some are pure traditional dishes and some I tweaked to suit my family’s taste and our fast pace lifestyle.  Many I shared and still will be sharing more.

I hope you find my website to be your go to destination when looking for a recipe and when you’re looking for something new to try.



Sally Lulu