It has been an eventful journey, with plenty of struggles, wins and unforgettable memories. Participating in various events has enabled me to develop personally and form meaningful connections. I'm proud to have achieved a few milestones along the way.


Meeting Her Majesty Queen Rania

It was such an honour to be part of the Boxeh community at the Royal Initiative at creative incubator. We had the chance to meet Her Majesty Queen Rania personally. We also met amazing artists in every field while listening to the most talened @bokraband. 

Queen Rania at Boxeh event

Boxeh event in Amman Jordan

Featured for live-cooking on Royal TV

I was delighted to be featured on Roya TV. Spending the day with Chef Dima Hijjawi and Director & Presenter Samir Hijazi at Roya Kitchen was a truly special experience.

with Dima Hijjawi on Roya TV

I had the opportunity to live-cook a unique recipe with Roya TV viewers, and in return, I got to learn what happens behind the scenes. It was a memorable addition to my journey. 

Dima Hijjawi & Sally Lulu at Roya Kitchen

With Samir Hijjawi at Roya TV studios

Sustainable Cooking Training

With planning our first training event, Boxeh Academy members had the pleasure of attending the live Sustainable Cooking Training held by Chef Mohammed Farouq.

With sustainability being our main focus, Chef Farouq introduced us to new ways of exploiting ingredients that will otherwise go to waste, to come up with restaurant quality dishes. The highly valuable session took place at the Tahboub Kitchens premises. 


Special Moments!

 I have been fortunate enough to get to know some incredible chefs, and the memories we have shared will stay with me forever. Connecting with them and learning from them has been a wonderful experience.


with chef Abu JuliaChef Mai Yaqoubi